Finding Quality Corporate Catering in Miami

If you are planning for a corporate party in Miami, then you have to choose the catering company that has earned their name in the industry. Whether it is for a large family function or even an exclusive executive function, Miami has caterers that cater to all budgets and tastes. A professional catering company in Miami can help you create the perfect corporate party package for your Miami events. If you want to come up with a corporate catering menu, here are the top options you can consider:

If you want to offer a traditional or gourmet cuisine menu, then head down to Bongos at The Wine Buff, located at 5th avenue and oak street. With a variety of entrees such as caviar and sushi, your corporate caterers miami guests will surely love this place. If sushi is not your thing, then you can also choose from the ever-popular Baby Phat Donut Shop, which is known for its vast collection of donuts, truffles and other gourmet treats. This restaurant is open Sunday – Friday, and on weekends they also offer live entertainment, so you can enjoy your party even more.

Located in the Coral Gables neighborhood, Little Havana is one of the trendiest restaurants in the city. With a wide variety of Cuban dishes, as well as a wide array of American and Caribbean favorites, this restaurant will surely leave your guests with a great taste of Cuban cuisine. The price of this restaurant is a bit expensive, but when you think about the quality and service of the food, you will not mind spending that little bit extra. Another option of a Miami catering company is To The Hollywood Gourmet, which offers upscale dining and wine pairings. From Tuesday Fridays, you can opt for dinner after 6 PM.

Located right in the heart of the Miami nightlife, the Miami Marriott is perfect for hosting a corporate function. The spacious ballroom offers guests a chance to dine at the bar and experience the fine dining and sophisticated atmosphere of this Miami dining establishment. There are a couple of other dining options available in this restaurant, and the price range of this restaurant makes it a great choice for corporate catering.

When you want to create a relaxing environment at your event, you should not forget Patrons Pub atrium. If you and your guests love the elegant surroundings of this Miami spot, then you should take advantage of it during your next party. This restaurant offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, cocktails, sandwiches, entrees and desserts, and even features live music from some of the best local Miami DJ’s. This restaurant offers four different venues for dinner, and it is conveniently located right in the heart of Downtown Miami. You can choose a place near the Bayside Shopping district or at downtown Miami’s riverfront.

If you have a corporate catering event in Miami, but do not know where to begin your search for a catering provider, you should keep these tips in mind. You can narrow down your choices by choosing a specific cuisine that you want to feed your guests at your event. Whether you are looking for a casual restaurant in Downtown Miami, or a luxurious dining experience at one of Miami’s premium restaurants, you can find exactly what you are looking for by keeping a few of the basic elements in mind.

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